9x12 Rotary & Ruler Mat Set

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This set includes our 9x12 inch self-healing cutting mat, 6x12 inch acrylic quilting ruler and 1 rotary fabric cutter with 5 extra blades.

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Superb Value Rotary Cutter with Mat and Fabric Ruler - 3 sewing essentials combined. This mat cutter ruler set includes a 45mm rotary fabric cutter, a 2-sided self healing cutting mat, and a 6x12 inch acrylic quilting ruler

Durable Fabric Cutting Mat - 2-sided, 5-ply self-healing PVC sewing mat is thick enough to withstand cuts and offers a full 9x12 inch grid surface with 1" and 1/2" grid and 1/8" ruler marks for precise alignment. 45° and 60° angle guides help meet your cutting needs

Safety Rotary Cutter with 5 Extra Rotary Cutter Blades - The sharp yet safe rotary cutter for fabric has a dual-action safety lock and ergonomic clench handle to ensure safe and effective cuts. User safety is designed into our fabric cutters and craft cutting tools

Easy to Use Quilting Ruler - Our 6x12 inch clear acrylic quilting ruler has precise measurements and black and yellow grid lines to make it easier to work with light and dark fabrics. 30°, 40° and 60° angle lines ensure exact alignment

This product has a Prop 65 Warning

Article number CM912/108560-612/SX766C/B766-5C

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