3pk Cutting Mat (9x12/12x18/18x24)

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This pack includes our 9x12, 12x18, and 18x24 inch self-healing cutting mats.

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BEST VALUE CUTTING MAT TRIO - Get the most savings with 3 of the most used cutting mat sizes bundled in this self-healing mat set. The 9x12/12x18/18x24-inch set is ideal for most crafting, sewing & quilting applications

OUR MATS ARE SELF-HEALING! Each mat’s extremely durable 5 layers of PVC plastics allow for cuts to practically “disappear,” thus, self-healing. It withstands sharp X-ACTO knife cuts and rotary cutter slices repeatedly without losing its form or harming your surfaces.

DURABLE SELF HEALING CUTTING MAT - Our 2-sided, protective, fabric cutting mat has ACCURATE 1" and 1/2" grid with 1/8" ruler marks for precise alignment and 45° and 60° angle guides to meet your cutting needs.

EXTRA THICK, NON-SLIP MATS FOR FULL PROTECTION - Our mats are made of ⅛” thick PVC with a non-slip bottom, giving you a secure surface to protect your tabletop from sharp blades, writing instruments & other pointed craft tools. As a SPECIAL BONUS, its surface material prevents the blades from becoming dull, prolonging the life of your cutters

This product has a Prop 65 Warning

Article number CM912/CM1218/CM1824
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