12x18 Craft Knife Mat Set w/50 Extra Blades

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The perfect set for any crafter. Measure, cut and create with confidence knowing you have the right tools. Includes self-healing mat, two craft knives and 50 extra #11 blades. You'll be set for your next project!

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Best Value Set - Nothing else beats this great value craft knife set! With 2 durable craft knife handles, 50 sharp replacement blades, and a self-healing cutting mat, this is the most practical crafting knife set you can get. A great gift any amateur or professional crafter will thank you for!

Durable Self Healing Cutting Mat - Our 2-sided, protective, fabric cutting mat has accurate 1" and 1/2" grid with 1/8" ruler marks for precise alignment and 45° and 60° angle guides to meet your cutting needs.

Precision Craft Knife - The scalpel-sharp blade allows you to slice through paper, fabric, leather, or cardboard with ease. Its durable yet lightweight handle makes it easy to control each cut for perfect results. Spare blades fit most X-Acto knives!

Durability For Your All-Out Creativity - Whether working with paper, cardboard, foam, vinyl, model kits, fabric, leather, or wood, this industrial-grade utility knife and cutting mat set will provide the durability & precision you need.

Includes 50 Extra #11 blades.

This product has a Prop 65 Warning

Article number SX01x2/B11-5x10/CM1218GB-FL

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