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W.A. Portman 38pc Professional Paint Brush Set
The ultimate set for the ultimate painter. Featuring natural, synthetic and boar bristle brushes in a large variety of sizes. All the brushes you need ...
$25.95 $34.95
38pc Professional Paint Brush Set
W.A. Portman 15pc Artist Paint Brush Set
This set is a painters essential. Featuring a pop-up case, variety of brush types ranging from 2/0 to 12 and compact design. For fine detail or a larg ...
$15.95 $22.95
15pc Artist Paint Brush Set
W.A. Portman 15pk Rotary Cutter Blades
A lot of fabric calls for a lot of blades. This pack will ensure that you always have the ability to get the most precise cut and main the confidence ...
15pk Rotary Cutter Blades
W.A. Portman 100pk Craft Knife Blades
This pack is a safe bet to never run out of blades again. Featuring 100 of our #11 blades, these are compatible with any of our craft knives. No need ...
100pk Craft Knife Blades
W.A. Portman 3pc Ruler Set
Skip the splinters and make sure you always get the perfect measurement. With this value three pack, durable stainless steel design and provided conve ...
3pc Ruler Set
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