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A New Spin on Traditional Canvases - The WA Portman Circle Canvas moves away from the traditional canvas to inspire you with new ideas. Create striking works of art in unique shapes, or let the shape dictate your painting and play within the space.

Stretched Canvas Pack of 2 - 2 canvases with two different sizes! One large blank canvas at 40 cm and one small canvas at 20 cm give you space to experiment and create. When you're done, these canvases are ready to hang for display!

Pre-Primed for Your Convenience - We've already prepped your stretched canvases for painting! With three layers of gesso, you're ready to paint straight out of the package! Each blank canvas for painting has a crisp, white surface to work on.

100% Cotton Pre-stretched Canvas- Canvas for painting is made of 100% cotton for a strong surface to work on. Perfect for acrylic pouring, acrylic or oil painting, and other painting supplies, these canvases can take whatever you throw at them.

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