"Blocked by Creativity"

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"Blocked by Creativity"

This week’s blog will discuss an overlooked issue…

There comes a time when we all hit a creative block with our art. If it hasn’t happened to you already; just know that it will at some point. You will feel uninspired, demotivated, and have no direction on how to navigate out of this creative rut. 


Luckily, we have a road map to lead you out.  


First, it is important to understand the root of the problem. Often I notice that my creative block arises when I stray from the initial meaning. This initial meaning is the main reason that you do what you do. If you can identify why you love what you do, it will be easier to gain perspective.


Next, you should identify what your favorite parts of your passion are. Also, you should gain insight on why these parts make you feel the way that you do. Understanding this will allow you to completely develop your intentions. 


Finally, you will have to analyze all of your discoveries and physically write the information down. The actual process of writing the info down will further solidify your creative stability. 


Now that you have figured out what you love, why you love it, and what parts are your favorite. All you have to do now is make sure you are always focusing on this meaning. You can experiment with old/new varieties, but always make sure your work has purpose.



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