"3 Drawing Techniques with Colored Pencil"

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"3 Drawing Techniques with Colored Pencil"

This week we’ll be throwing some shade...on paper of course.

1) Cross Hatching



There are many types of hatching, but cross hatching is by far the most common. This technique uses closely spaced lines to create different tones within your drawing. Darker areas will be represented by tighter spaced lines, whereas lighter areas will be represented by more spaced line work. It will take some practice, but this style is very useful.


2) Layering Colors



Most artists will start their coloring journey by using this technique. You will simply represent the values with color layering. Darker areas will contain more layering, while lighter areas will not. This is the most simple way to draw and it never fails. Just make sure you blending is consistent throughout your work.


3) Underpainting



This method is more complex than the rest. The underpainting style involves having a base layer of darker colors underneath the rest of the lighter values on the layer above. Basically, you will need to create a bottom layer for dark values and a top layer for lighter values. It’s a little more work, but could yield fantastic results.


We hope this was helpful and inspired you to try some new techniques.


Stay creative artists!



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