“3 of the Best Travel-Friendly Art Products for Summer Fun!”

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“3 of the Best Travel-Friendly Art Products for Summer Fun!”

This week’s blog helps keep art effortless and easy…

Ever get annoyed traveling with your art supplies?...That’s what we thought.



No worries; we are here to help!



1) W.A. Portman A5 Multimedia Sketchbook



-Waterproof Exterior


Whether you are creating outdoors or just like to spill drinks on your sketchbook. We’re sure this will save you at least once. 


-Stretchy Cover Pocket


Perfect for holding your phone or more art supplies!


-Elastic Band & Pen Loop


Never forget where you’ve left off or leave your book unwillingly open.



2) W.A. Portman 24 Pack Colored Pencils



-Compact Design 


This sleek tube design takes up minimal space and fits almost anywhere.


-Built-In Sharpener


No need to carry a sharpener around. We’ve got you covered...and the pencils covered lol.


-Light & Comfortable 


Not a bodybuilder? That’s perfectly fine. 

3) W.A. Portman 15 Piece Paint Brush Set 


-Zip Up Case


Great for keeping out debris, enhancing confident mobility, and ensuring product safety. 


-Built-In Stand


Who doesn’t love practicality? This stand makes you feel like a pro.


-Light & Comfortable


You won’t need muscles for these.


We hope your summer is full of creative joy!



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